nRF52840 Preview DK v0.9.x

Measuring current

The current drawn by the nRF52840 SoC can be monitored on the nRF52840 Preview DK board.

There are several types of test equipment that can be used to measure current, and each type has some advantages and some disadvantages. The test equipment types are:

Power analyzer and Power Profiler Kit measurements will not be described in the present document. For more information on Power Profiler Kit, see Power Profiler Kit User Guide documentation.

For instructions for measuring, see sections Using an oscilloscope for current profile measurement and Using an ampere-meter for current measurement.

The nRF52840 SoC has two possible power supplies, VDD (1.7–3.6 V) and VDDH (2.5–5.5 V). The nRF52840 Preview DK is prepared for measuring current on both domains. Only the VDD domain current measurement is described here, but the approach is the same with the VDDH supply, see the table below for the corresponding components.

Table 1. Components for current measurement on VDD and VDDH
Component VDD VDDH
Measurement connector P22 P23
Solder bridge SB40 SB41
Series resistor R90 R91
Important: When measuring the current consumption:

For more information on current measurement, see the tutorial Current measurement guide: Introduction.