nRF52840 Preview DK v0.11.x

Using an ampere-meter for current measurement

The average current drawn by the nRF52840 SoC can be measured using an ampere-meter. This method will monitor the current in series with the nRF device.

Make sure you have prepared the development kit board as described in section Preparing the development kit board.
Connect an ampere-meter between the pins of connector P22 as shown in the figure below.
Figure 1. Current measurement with an ampere-meter
Current measurement using ampere-meter on nRF52840 Preview Development Kit board
Note: An ampere-meter will measure the average current drawn by the nRF52840 SoC if:
  • The SoC is in a state where it draws a constant current, or, the activity on the device changing load current, like BLE connection events, is repeated continuously and has a short cycle time (less than 100 ms) so that the ampere-meter will average whole load cycles and not parts of the cycle.
  • The dynamic range of the ampere-meter is wide enough to give accurate measurements from 1 µA to 15 mA.
  • Recommendation: Use a true RMS ampere-meter.