IC revisions, SDK, and SoftDevice compatibility matrix

This section shows the compatibility between the nRF52832 IC revisions, the relevant SoftDevices (SD) and their corresponding SoftDevice Specifications (SDS), and Software Development Kits (SDK).

Table 1. nRF52832 IC revisions, nRF5 SDK, and SoftDevice compatibility matrix
nRF52832 IC revision nRF5 SDK S132 SD S132 SDS S212 SD S212 SDS S332 SD S332 SDS S112 SD S112 SDS
Engineering A 0.9.x1 1.0.0-3.alpha - 0.2.0-1.alpha - - - - -
Engineering B 11.0.0-2.alpha 2.0.0-7.alpha 0.5.1.alpha
- 2.0.0-8.alpha 0.6.0.alpha 0.6.0.alpha
Engineering C, Revision 1 11.0.02 2.0.x2 2.0 0.9.x2 0.9.x2
12.0.0 3.x.x 3.1 2.0.0 2.0.0
13.0.0-1.alpha 5.0.0-1.alpha -
- 5.0.0-2.alpha - -
13.0.0 4.0.x 4.1 4.0.2
13.1.0 4.0.2
14.0.0 5.0.0 5.0 -
14.1.0 5.0.0 5.0.0 5.1.0-2.alpha3
1 SDK 0.9.x is compatible with nRF52 series only.
2 If workaround for anomaly 73 is implemented, nRF5 SDK 11.0.0 can be used for development purposes together with SoftDevice S132 2.0.0/S212 0.9.x/S332 0.9.x on nRF52832 Engineering B. For more information, see nRF52 Engineering B Errata or nRF5 SDK 11.0.0 release notes.
3 The S112 5.1.0-2.alpha is intended to be run on the nRF52810 IC. It may be used on the nRF52832 IC for development purposes. It should not be used for production on the nRF52832 IC.